Sample Quality Craft Whiskey Products

 Sign up as a member of an American craft whiskey club. This will allow you to sample some top-shelf whiskey products. 

Craft Whiskey Products

Craft whiskey products are ones that are manufactured at independently-owned distilleries. American-made craft products must meet a set of quality standards. These standards ensure that a bottle of whiskey contains authentic ingredients and has been manufactured exactly as a product label specifies. 

A Club

An American craft whiskey club provides consumers with the opportunity to sample a wide range of products that have been manufactured in the United States. Bottles of whiskey are shipped out at pre-scheduled times. A club will typically send a small group of alcohol products with each shipment. 

Your Preferences

When signing up for a club, you will have the opportunity to choose how long your membership will last. If you own a home bar, you may be interested in adding a few more whiskey varieties to your liquor cabinet. If you own a tavern or another public venue where alcoholic beverages are served, you may be pursuing an expansion of your drink menu.

The amount of whiskey that you would like to ultimately invest in may influence the type of club membership that you choose to sign up for.

Serving Suggestions

When you receive your first shipment of whiskey products, plan how you will serve the beverages. A whiskey product will pair well with salty snacks. The snacks will complement the smoky flavor of the whiskey.

Cheeses, tart fruits, and steaks are some other food items that will offset the robust flavor of a whiskey product.

Share the sample whiskey products with your loved ones, friends, or customers. If you will be serving whiskey at home, plan a light lunch or dinner that you and your guests can enjoy with the whiskey. If you are going to be serving whiskey at your public venue, prepare some snacks that your patrons can eat while they are sampling the craft products.


Some craft whiskey clubs offer discounts on future orders. If you are pleased with one or more of the whiskey products that came in a sample shipment, you may be able to purchase a full-sized bottle of it for a discounted price.

Upon signing up for a membership, review the membership benefits that you can take advantage of. Purchasing full-sized bottles of whiskey for budget-friendly prices is a great way to expand your alcohol collection. For more information about American craft whiskey clubs, reach out to local services.

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