Five Fitting Gifts For The Beer Lover In Your Life

With the holidays approaching, it is time to celebrate those that you love. For many, the best way to show thanks is with a cold beer — but what other gifts might they enjoy and appreciate? 

Got a beer lover in your life? Five fitting gifts for them include the following.

1. Beer Boxes and Caddies

How about a customized wooden tote or beer caddy for your recipient's favorite craft beers? These are an excellent way to tote a six-pack, generally with a wall-mount beer opener secured on the side. These caddies can be found online to purchase, or you can make your own with poplar wood, basic tools, and a few supplies. Oil, paint, or stain the finished caddy and add a bottle opener on one end for ease.  

2. Beer Mugs, Steins, and Glasses

For a classy, elegant gift idea, consider laser-engraved beer mugs, steins, and pilsner glasses for your recipient. These are widely available online, and you can also make your own with glass-etching cream and a mug or glass; be careful as this substance is corrosive and caustic. Design your gift with a personal message or motif that means something to the beer-lover, and that they will cherish for many beers to come! 

3. Beer Subscription

For someone special, beer subscription boxes are a generous and greatly appreciated gesture. These can be customized according to the recipient's beer preferences, as well as how often you want the recurring gift to be delivered. These can be a bit more expensive due to shipping costs, but they have an immense wow-factor month after month.  

4. Beer Goggles

If your recipient has a sense of humor, order some beer goggles for them! These are playful and fun gifts that are meant for someone with a sense of humor. These make excellent party favors and joke gifts for a crowd, too.  

5. Beer

So, what do you think your recipient really wants? The answer is likely beer. Pick up your beer lover's favorite import, export, or craft beer to specially gift to them. Choose a variety pack so they may try some brews that they have not had before. Wrap the gift in a clever, festive packaging — or use one of your handcrafted beer caddies — to share with the recipient. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you are giving a gift for a holiday or simply want to show someone you care, consider these five ideas for beer lovers in your life. From a handcrafted tote or customized beer mug to a recurring gift of beer brought to the door, these five gift ideas are fitting for and enjoyed by anyone who loves beer. For more information on beer gifts, contact a professional near you.

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