The Benefits Of Adding Red Or White Wine To Your Restaurant Menu

Are you looking for a way to add new drinks to your restaurant menu? Are you trying to change things up and go after an entirely new kind of customer as part of your restaurant's re-branding or re-opening? One way you might be able to boost your revenue while offering your customers something new would be to start offering red wine or other popular wines to your restaurant's bar or drink menu. Here's how adding wine to your offerings is a good idea as a restaurant owner.

Beer Isn't for Everyone and Wine May Bring in a New Kind of Customer

If your restaurant has previously offered beer but nothing else when it comes to taking advantage of your liquor license, adding one or more wines to the menu might help you keep things fresh for your customers while also attracting an entirely new clientele. Wine tends to be quite popular with some women in comparison to beer, and upper-class couples may also be more likely to opt for high-end wine as opposed to beer. Diversifying your drink menu could help you bring in new customers who have not previously considered your business.

Red and White Wines Can Give Your Business and Your Customers Lots of Options

Regardless of what kind of customer you are trying to attract, there is likely a red or white wine that will fit the bill. Some basic red or white wines can be very affordable and you could consider offering a deal where the table gets an entire bottle for an affordable price. But if you want to attract truly high-end customers, there are plenty of premium red and white wines to choose from as well, allowing you to charge more and make more of a profit off of these specific diners.

Some Wines Pair Incredibly Well With Certain Foods

If you are putting more of a focus on pairing different foods or dishes together, don't forget to pair the food up with a drink or two. Red wine goes great with steak, for example, and you could start putting drink pairing options right on the food section of the menu so people will know that wine is now available.

Wine is Widely Seen as Offering Some Health Benefits

Drinking a lot of alcohol is typically frowned upon, but wine may offer some benefits that beer does not for your customers. Wine is known to have antioxidants that can benefit a person's health in a variety of ways. Some people who would never drink beer are okay with drinking wine because they believe the hype surrounding those health claims.

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